Link Love #1

I used to read novels within days of each other, and would get so intrgiued with a story that I couldn’t focus on anything else unil I finished it. Then life happened, I got a job, I found travel.. yada yada..

I never seem to have time to actually sit down and read enough of a novel to get hooked before having to put it down and think about something else. That’s why I love reading blogs and I usually end up learning at least something from each one that I read. My bloglovin’ collection is quite the mixture I must say but that’s what keeps everything exciting and interesting!

I thought that I woudl share some of the links I found interesting this week! 



I’m currently dreading moving back home in a month or so. I mean, I’m looking forward to being back in the comfort of my hometown, family and especially reunited with my car… but thinking about living in my house again, stresses me out to say the least.

Misconceptions about Servers

After working as a server for the past 3 years it’s insane how true these misconceptions are!

Satisfying Foodie Moments

If you’re a true foodie, you’ll watch this video and be like “yep, that’s me..that’s me too, oh and yep, once again” At least that’s how I felt through it!


I hate mayonnaise but I LOVE tuna, so i’m pretty sure that these recipes will be calling my name sooner than later!


Demi Lovato Opens Up about Mental Disorder

I Absolutely love everything about Demi Lovato and have so much respect for her being so open about her mental illness.


I feel like this is an extremely important read especially since “bikini season” is approaching. Honestly, I can admit that every summer that comes along my mindset shifts and I do have the desire to either tone up, eat better or lose weight… which let’s be honest neither of those I need will not do

Black and White thinking

I love reading Izzy’s posts on recovery. She’s super blunt and clear cut which is easy to relate to in my own case anyways. Reading this post about how we often see things as being all or nothing really made me realize how relevant it is in my own life as well.

Lauren Conrad Not on Board with Body-Shaming words

Hallelujah. I love Lauren Conrad and no not just because she’s gorgeous beyond belief, but because she’s real. She’s not trying to be someone she’s not, and she stands up for what she believes in. I highly respect her decision to remove her labels from her website and it’s gotten me thinking myself on my own choices.


8 underground city trips in Europe

As much as I hate being underground discovering new cities is something I live for.

Five Reasons France is the Perfect Place to Picnic

I can 100% say that this is so true! Since being in Paris for the past 10 months I’ve had so many lovely picnics and they have been the best of my life. Whether its on the banks along the seine or in one of the many parks in the city, I always enjoy myself.

Stay tuned for some exciting changes happening to my blog in the near future! 


One thought on “Link Love #1

  1. I love traveling and am starting to get the itch to go explore some new to me places. Love the links! Thanks for sharing! Happy Wednesday! : )


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