When Social Media is no longer fun and games

Ask yourself:

Do you find yourself needing to post everything you eat on your social media?


honestly though, my drunk nights are really irrelevant to the rest of the world…

Do you base your meals around what you see other people eating?


Are you losing sleep because you’re scrolling through the lives of other people all night ?

Oh and my favorite…

Have you ever “apologized” to your online community for not posting or for being away from social media?

Wake up and smell the roses people

This lifestyle is far from being healthy but you know what, sadly I can say I’ve been guilty of doing them all at some point or another.

I allowed every choice I made throughout the day to be influenced by what I would see on the screen on my iPhone. Upon waking up my first thought wasn’t what I felt like eating for breakfast, but instead what pretty creation I could come up with to later on be posted on my Instagram.

It would take me at least an hour to made a recipe, bake it, and then after 20 minutes and 100 photos later post it for all of my followers to see. There were countless times when I would make these beautiful meals and then pick it apart after I got the Perfect picture because I didn’t want to eat it but simply wanted it to appear more photogenic. I knew I didn’t truly want the food that I was creating but I did it to essentially “fit in” and to feel apart of that fitfam community that seemed like all the rage.

I’ll admit I still love social media but in the past year I have made a lot of changes to how I interact with it as I finally realized the negative effects it was having on my health. I still make recipes because I have a passion to do so, but the difference now is that I do it for me and no one else.

Reflecting on my own behaviors has really made an impact on who and what I choose to consider a part of my life today.

I no longer try to be someone that I’m not, nor want to be, just because I’m trying to fit in, and nor should you. 

Take the initiative to reflect on your own behaviors and be aware of what and who you look up to in your own life.


5 thoughts on “When Social Media is no longer fun and games

  1. This is the reason why I never started posting meals… I don’t want to take out the phone at the table with my parents to take a snap. It’s not important at all. I have this blog to share thoughts but my meals are my meals, only relevant to me and sometimes my boyfriend (he asks what I’m eating from time to time, to make sure I don’t fall back into old habits )
    Thanks for sharing these thoughts! They are absolutely great 🙂 so true 🙂

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  2. I have never resonated with a post so much. Like really whats the point of taking 20 minutes to make your food look perfect if its just gonna end up in your stomach 5 second later? I’m going to actively try to loosen my reliance on social media ❤


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