Intuitive Eating

I love food especially a lot of different varieties of food.

but for a while, too long to be honest….

I was in a rut of eating the same things over and over again; convincing myself that that was all that my body wanted when really, I was just to stubborn to step out of my comfort zone and find enjoyment in food again.

The other day for breakfast I just wanted a salad with chicken, quinoa and lots of greens, so that’s what I ate at 8am in the morning.

Sometimes I crave my canadian pancakes with maple syrup,

Other days maybe I want a greasy pizza from a take away stand.

Either way, It really doesn’t matter to anyone but myself.

No one will judge me for eating what I love, enjoying food or listening to my body.

Simple as that.

By listening to my body and actually giving it what it craves, I’m nourishing it and i’m creating a healthy balance. By telling myself that is it wrong to want certain foods I’m doing the complete opposite.

I used to feel guilty for eating what I actually wanted when I was in the beginning stages of gaining weight because of the hateful responses I would get from the others.

“why don’t you ever eat a pint of ice cream”

or “why don’t you buy chocolate bars regularly”

oh and the classic “just eat a hamburger why don’t you”

what they don’t realize is those words are NOT encouraging and come off as being the complete opposite making you feel like you’re doing the wrong thing by not eating a certain food or following a “trend”

Imagine telling someone who’s trying to lose weight, to stop eating so much, or to just eat a salad already. You wouldn’t say that would you? Then why are people shaming the ones trying to gain weight by doing the same? 

As a recovering orthorexic I’ve been that girl who ate salads day in and day out restricting my body from what it actually wanted, which for the most part was carbs. Oh the evil carbs. 

Learning to eat intuitive has taken time and patience. My body was fed such a limited diet for so long, the cravings for other foods wasn’t an instant process. I started slow and introduced ice cream, chocolates, pizza, etc.. back into my life and have found what foods I actually enjoy eating and what ones my body tells me that it does want.

I fell into this really negative trap of mindless eating and still struggle with it each and everyday in some way or another. I have a tendency to consume food without making it an experience and actually enjoying the flavors and quality of what I’m eating.

Apparently I’m more satisfied with hearty savory foods as opposed to salty. I could eat pizza over pretzels or chips any day when given the choice but now I know what to choose.

When it comes to desserts I like cake over ice cream, does that make me any less of a person because I don’t want the Ben and Jerry’s?

Hell no.

The fact that I’m listening to my body and giving it what it wants shows more strength than following the crowd.

I started looking at food as fuel and not as just something that was going into my body.

Question time: 

  • Are you an intuitive eater?
  • Have you found foods that you love but didn’t realize until you made the switch?

2 thoughts on “Intuitive Eating

  1. I love that post! So many true and inspiring thoughts in it!
    Well, to answer your question: no, I’m not yet an intuitive eater. still struggling very often.
    But what I have recently explored: allowing myself to sometimes take in liquid calories I have discovered how much I love drinks like Latte macchiato or Chai Latte or Ice Coffees and some fruit juices 🙂 Milk was something I would eat with cereals when I had to, Coffee (black!) was a easy and low calorie way to get some caffeine. And that was it. I missed so much! 🙂 and now I’m trying out different things and I love it! 🙂


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