S’mores Questbar Review

I’ve been obsessed with Questbars since the day that I first tried my very first White Chocolate Raspberry one after seeing the commotion on my Instagram feed.

Sadly I don’t have the opportunity to try the new Mint Chocolate Chunk bars for another two months because the blonde in me got my box sent to my home address and not mine here in France!  Nevertheless I still have a brand spanking new box of s’mores waiting for me to enjoy!

Some of you may think

Why is she eating questbars if she’s not a bodybuilder, cross fitter, runner or any labelled athlete.

The truth is that they’re just too damn good not to.

Some people reward themselves with jewelry or clothes, yeah I just like expensive food, a lot.

When this flavor came out I wasn’t in a rush to try it to be honest simply because I’ve never been a huge s’mores fan. Of course that didn’t seem to stop me any considering that the majority of the bars I have tried even when I thought I wouldn’t like them, ended up being editable and worth the money.

The first thing I noticed about these bars was the texture and composition compared to the others. They actually held the shape of a bar and didn’t lose their form. 
 Baked or Raw? 

This is a tough one because there are very few that I actually enjoy raw but this one I definitely can handle with pleasure. That’s not to say that baking it isn’t amazing as well because I do love both ways. Verdict: Raw. 

Nutritional Content

These bars, hands down have the best overall nutrition for the buck. 180 calories, only 8 grams of fat (but lots of chocolate!), 23 grams of carbs, and a whopping 20 grams of protein, which I know we all love.

Check out the Quest Nutrition website and order yourself a box, or two!


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