Seeking Help for Eating Disorders 

As we become more health conscious as a society I personally believe that a higher level of awareness needs to be put on eating disorders. In the world today, It seems that either we’re faced with advertisements promoting the newest Mcdonald’s menu item or the hottest diet trend. 

There is no balance. 

An imbalance in life leads to more issues than we realize at times, especially medical ones without proper care. 

I’ve been struggling for 3 1/2 years with an undiagnosed disorder after proactively seeking help from doctors and nutritionist to “gain weight”. Not once was the term eating disorder brought up in the multiple appointments I went to but there was a whole lot of “You’re eating so healthy”. 

That was the problem. I was eating TOO healthy. 

It disgusts me that lack of help there is for people suffering from these illnesses and how often they are overlooked or misunderstood. Like depression they are a mental illness and notice how I said “they” because there isn’t just one eating disorder out there, but yet more than we even understand enough to diagnose. 

The other day I randomly scanned through the headlines in the news back home and came across this heading 


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Come to find out after reading more of the article, our government cut 23% of the funding for a group that actively helps those with eating disorders. This group provides support and guidance for schools and workers so they can relay the information to students and young people needing help. 

In the article itself its states that these disorders are the third more common to affect adolescents but yet the support is not there. Also stated that since 2010 the number of patients rushed to the emergency room because of eating disorders has doubled each year.

Another Stat posted in a previous article posted by the province

“According to a parliamentary report released in November, eating disorders are the most fatal mental illness in Canada”


These disorders on on the rise, not on the decline meaning more support and attention needs to be put on helping those in need, not less. More often than not, those suffering are unaware of the extent of their disorder and do not proactively seek help or want to admit there is a problem.

Personally I was unaware that I was in need of support and thankfully snapped into my senses before it was too late and needed medical attention, but what about those who don’t? What happens to them?

Apparently It seems that in my province, absolutely nothing. We let them suffer until they require medical attention costing the country more in return than what it would to have given funding for support in the first place.

This is wrong, and more action desperately needs to be taken.



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