My healthy is not your healthy

We judge. Its human nature. Sadly the judgements we make about others often are negative because we base their choices off of our own. We have perceptions on how life should be, how we should dress and how we should treat other people. When it comes to our eating habits and exercise we seem to judge as well, I mean like I said it’s human nature. Can we change that? I believe so.

Take a look at this video below.

When I first watched this video I thought it was stupid and unrealistic but really… that’s exactly what goes on in today’s world. We are constantly putting ourselves down because of our behaviors that we feel are negative simply because of how we base of perceptions on perfection.

These women feel they have been “bad” because they essentially went against what society leads us to believe is the healthiest way of living, but what we need to realize is that there is not one right way to be healthy. Being an intuitive eater and shaming the people who follow an iifym lifestyle is WRONG just as it is in the reverse sense. Just because you don’t follow the particular diet of someone else doesn’t mean that they are doing anything wrong or bad, in fact if they’ve been able to find a balance that works for them, than they’re actually doing it right.

Some people can’t consume gluten, does that mean that because I can that I should think any less of them or belittle their choices? NO.

If someone eats a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream yet I eat a pot of yogurt does that make me “Healthier” than them? NO. I don’t even want to count the amount of times

I’ve gone out with friends for dinner and I would order a salad and they would get a pasta dish without even thinking twice. My brain wanted to believe that because I was ordering a salad that I was making the better choice as opposed to them. Boy was I ever wrong…

Looking back, I think I was more jealous of their ability to have the strength to order what they actually wanted instead of what I felt I had to eat in order to live the “healthiest” life possible. I would often wish that I could order pizza and snack on ice cream and still be healthy but my self control wouldn’t allow me to indulge.

Little did i realize that I CAN be healthy and enjoy the foods I want, because MY healthy isn’t based on anything else except what I create it to be. If my friends want to order a salad and I want a hamburger and my body can accept that hamburger, then gosh why shouldn’t I give my body the nutrients it craves and deserves.

We need to learn to accept that our own diet that works for us is not the only right way to live as we’re all unique. Stop the diet shaming, and instead find your fit.


One thought on “My healthy is not your healthy

  1. Yes! I fully agree and the amount of – let’s call it that way – ‘health-shaming’ or comparison happening especially via Social Media makes me sad. Why can’t we all just eat/exercise/live the way that feels good for us without looking left and right or second-guessing? It’s a constant battle and judgement where nobody wins.


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