Ditch the Diet Rules

If you’re hungry but you feel that you shouldn’t because of a specific diet rule that you’re allowing to control your life, EAT.

Everyone is different.

Some people will gain on 2500, some on 1000.

Some will do better on 6 small meals with no snacks, others need to eat all day to be satisfied.

Once I gave up the rules that I was essentially creating for myself based on everyone else’s journey I’ve found a lot more progress, mentally that is.

Take those rules that you’re currently following and throw them out the window and focus on YOU. 

I can’t snack in the afternoon more than once

Breakfast shouldn’t be more than 500 calories

I need protein powder everyday to gain muscle

If it’s considered a “Bad” food or a “treat” I can’t eat it 

Realistically speaking I struggle on a daily basis with eliminating these rules, especially if I focus on all of them at once, but what I have found helpful is to pick one or two a week to work at overcoming.

Since ditching the rules….

  • I feel relieved that i’m focusing on my own body’s needs
  • I don’t feel guilty if i’m eating at 11 pm even though other’s might not be.
  • If I wake up starving, that’s good and if I don’t that’s fine too, I just know that I still need to eat.
  • I can enjoy parties and social gatherings
  • I’ve become more flexible with eating and don’t feel the need to plan 24/7, HELLO less stress.

What diet rules are you trying to overcome? 


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