I’m not sick enough to need help

If I had a dollar for every time that this thought went through my head I’d be rich.

 As humans we compare ourselves to those around us, especially the ones who we surround ourselves with. Now this doesn’t just mean physically being around those people either. This could be on advertisements, magazines, and more recently social media.
Honestly I wanted to believe for so long that mentally I was completely normal, which was because I was constantly comparing my situation to those I would see.
Was I ever hospitalized? No.
Did I ever pass out from malnutrition or over-exericinsg? Nope.
Did i ever restrict my daily calories to below 1000? Hell no.
So that means I was healthy right?
If you have to even for the least bit question yourself on the fact of being sick enough or not, the answer is right in front of you.
Gosh, it took a year of being trapped in the cycle, of what I learned was orthorexia, for my parents to finally say something to me to essentially wake me up. 
I thought I was 100% healthy. I mean, I ate “healthy” foods and I exercised on a daily basis.
Little did I realize that my life was actually changing beneath my very eyes but I was too oblivious to see.
I lost my friends, I lost my self-confidence and I lost my love for life.
Evidently, I was sick.
I may not have been laying on my death bed but who’s to say that if I didn’t make a change when I did that I wouldn’t have ended up there.
Today I struggle as anyone dealing with a past addiction does but I’m finally seeing progress and that’s been my biggest motivation to keep going.

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