Questbar Love + Giveaway!

Two years ago I had my first quest bar and since that first bite I knew they were going to be an addiction; and not a cheap one at that!

I first started eating them when I was on my protein kick where I thought that I would instantly become this bodybuilder figure once I started eating them.. LOL that mindset didn’t last long. I will admit I have yet to find another bar on the market with the macros that these provide.

For 60 grams they range from 160-210 in calories, contain 20 grams of protein, on average 5-7 grams of fat, and 25 grams of carbs. If that wasn’t enough they also are low in sugar with only 1-4 grams per bar!

The texture of the bars are quite chewy and sticky depending on which flavor you have. I prefer to bake min for 3-5 mins at 350 degrees because they taste more like cookies and also take longer to eat so the incredible flavor lasts longer.

My Top 3 Flavors

White Chocolate Raspberry

The very first one bar that I tried 2 long years ago was the White Chocolate Raspberry and let’s just say that my initial thought haven’t changed one bit since then. This flavor is by far my favorite of all of them and since It’s not extremely full of chocolate (I let myself believe that the white chocolate isn’t actually chocolate) I can eat it in the morning without the guilt of having chocolate so early. If you’re going to try them for the first time, I would suggest this flavor without a doubt.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

This is a hard one to beat as well and comes extremely close to being as much of a favorite as the WCR. The chocolate chunks are definitely what make this bar incredible. The CCDC is one that I enjoy to eat raw or baked.

Vanilla Almond Crunch

I’ve always have a love for almonds and in fact vanilla as well. Along with the WCR this is a bar that I can eat in the morning and not feel weighed down with eating chocolate so early. There aren’t any chunks like the other 2 bars but instead pieces of almonds throughout them. This bar bakes really well because their aren’t’ any messy chunks to deal with.

Where can you buy them? 

I prefer to order them directly from their site because I find it the most reliable and fastest. I’ve never had any issues dealing with their company directly and even when I did have problems with a package of bars, another one was sent out immediately free of charge. You can check out their site here. If you’re looking to purchase other products along with the bars then I would suggest checking out IHERB or VITACOST .

Now let’s get to that Giveaway!

I’ve parterned up with Quest Nutrition on my Instagram and we are giving away Questbars!

Head on over to my account @fitnessfoodiecreations for your chance to win a 17 bar sampler pack!


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