What actually is healthy?


that one word that seems to differentiate our food and lifestyle choices.

but, what exactly does healthy mean?

For some it may mean low fat, other’s maybe it could be high carb and maybe even eliminating certain food groups such as dairy.

I have a really hard time using the word “healthy” when referring to my own personal lifestyle because quite frankly as Joshua Rosenthal says; what works for one may not work for someone else.

I prefer the word “clean” as opposed to healthy when talking about a certain way of eating because honestly I eat a heck of a lot of foods that aren’t clean but that shouldn’t determine if I am healthy or not.

Currently my metabolism is on fire and I am consuming 3000 calories a day where my friend is maybe eating 2000. She stays away from carbs when my body requires them for energy. I can easily drink 4 glasses of wine where as she can only drink one. She doesn’t eat meat whereas I can eat 2 chicken breasts in a sitting.

Are we both healthy?


This is called bio-individuality. We are both fueling our bodies with what they uniquely require even though they are completely different. It’s often hard to determine what exactly our bodies need in order to technically be the healthiest they can be, and it’s not something that happens overnight; it takes time. I’ve tried everything from gluten free, vegan to vegetarian and even paleo and you know what? I always came back to the same way of eating which works for me. I eat bread, I love meat, and I also love vegetables. I may not love milk, but i’m able to consume it which I should be fortunate about.

Trust me, it’s hard at times to focus on your own body’s needs and not what society leads us to believe, but once you stop comparing yourself to others you’ll see yourself in a whole new mindset.


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