Consistency in Recovery

Consistency is hard, especially when it pertains to losing or gaining weight. So many times in the past when I’ve had success (as in gains) I’ve let myself slowly fall back into bad habits, in fear. This time i’m not letting myself fall.

I would eat 3000 calories one day and then allow myself to go back down below 2000 the next day from guilt. I would exercise insanely in order to “balance” out my previous actions.
do you know where staying in the cycle lead me?
Absolutely, no where.
It was a constant cycle of working my way up to a point of finding success only to be knocked down the next day from my mind. No one wants to live a life in a constant cycle ultimately leading to failure, especially me.
If you find yourself finally pushing yourself to make changes and are seeing results, DONT QUIT.
You will bloat, it’s normal
You might want to restrict, again, normal
You will feel guilt with yourself, normal one again..
How to Stay Consistent
1. Find what motivates you.
This is different for everyone but once you find that one thing that will push you to keep going, stick with it and don’t let it go. Personally I make goals and when I reach them I allow myself to indulge in things that I want that I normally wouldn’t allow myself to have. Currently my goal is to gain another 5 pounds and when I do that I will allow myself to go to the salon but until then my hair will suffer.
2. Be Realistic.
Don’t expect to see results overnight, and please stay away from the scale. When gaining or losing even that number will change as often as a traffic light and seeing it move is mentally not going to help. Try and set small goals that you can feasibly attain throughout the course of a week. For instance if you’ve been restricting from a certain food like ice cream, allow yourself to have a few bites each night until it becomes a comfortable feeling that you can continue with.
3. Seek Support.
Whether it’s from a physical person or a group on the internet, find a place where you can surround yourself with positive people. When I first started attempting to recover I secluded myself from other people and instilled in myself that no one would understand or want to help. Truth was that once I accepted the fact that there are people out there that do want to help, I’ve noticed such a positive change. I’m now open with my family and instead of hiding the fact that I don’t struggle, I now feel comfortable enough to go to them when I need that extra push.
Even though you’ll want to quit, you need to find it in yourself to keep pushing. You will not see results after 3 days, maybe not even after a week but with hard work and persistence you’ll get there.
The bloat will go down, food will become seen as fuel and not feared and the most important thing of all… you will feel proud.
Proud of no one else, but yourself.

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