Easy changes to gain those extra pounds

When you’re trying to gain weight or lose weight there’s always the hard part of finding that balance in between the two where essentially is your maintenance point.

I’m not going to lie, gaining weight has been harder than losing it in the first place… It seems simple; eat more, exercise less. Typically the things that seem to be so easy, end up being the hardest which in the case of purposely gaining weight can be true.

Everything you’ve ever read about how to lose weight, essentially you have to do the opposite.

When dieting they say to use smaller plates to make your meal look bigger, in your case use the biggest plate you can find and fill it!

The great thing is that you don’t have to change your diet completely in order to get those extra calories in, just simply add in some extra calories here and there.

Fancy and apple? Add a couple tablespoons of nut butter! My favorite is by far cashew butter which isn’t the easiest to find, but goes perfect with an apple.

If you’re like me and enjoy fresh veggies, instead of eating them plan or with my go to sauce- mustard, make a batch of homemade hummus instead!

when having a bowl of cereal you can double the milk, add in some dried fruit and top with some nuts! Recently I found the amazing superfood “chia seeds” and have been topping my breakfast bowls with them.

Egg whites are good don’t get me wrong, but whole eggs are even better! Not only will you be adding calories, but you will nourish your body with those essential omega 3’s and lean protein that they contain.

Add avocado to anything possible because it’s so versatile! Use it as a filling for a sandwich, bulk your salads with it’s healthy fats, or even mix it with some cocoa powder for a sweet treat!

Throw out all of those diet products that are in your cupboard.

If you’re serious about weight gain you do not need low calorie cookies, low fat powdered peanut butter or those walden farms zero calorie syrups. Trade them in for full fat natural peanut butter, honey (one of the worlds greatest superfoods!) and you know what, if you want a oreo, have an oreo.

It’s hard to trust your hunger cues when gaining because until your metabolism realizes that it needs to work faster with all the food you’re consuming your body won’t tell you it’s hungry.

If you truly want to gain, you need to eat even when you don’t feel hunger.

Simple as that.

Once you start making changes, even if they may seem so little at the time, after a while you won’t even notice and it will feel almost like second nature.


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