What works for them may not work for you!

The amount of times I have read ” how many calories do you eat a day” or “what are your macros” is WAY more than I should.

Everyone is different in their looks, body shapes, dietary requirements.. etc. This means that just because your friend over there is losing weight on eating 1200 calories lets say, doesn’t mean that is your “perfect” number as well.

How many times have you read a magazine where it outlines a celebrities meal plan on how to get that “perfect” body. News Flash.

A. More than likely they aren’t consuming those foods on a regular basis or at all.

B. The perfect body doesn’t exist because no matter how amazing we are, we’re always going to find flaws within ourselves. We’re human.

I often will read other’s food diaries and see how little they are consuming in a day and think “wow, maybe i’m eating too much”. I know that I shouldn’t think this way but this is how the human mind works. We are constantly comparing ourselves to those around us, especially those who we envy or look up to. I had to take a step back from social media and review my own needs because before I knew it I fell down a path of essentially trying to be everything that I saw.

I would come across people who eliminated carbs from their diet which lead me to believe that grains were evil. Boy was I ever wrong on this thought. Maybe carbs aren’t what that particular person needed in their diet but for me I did. Now after introducing at least 200 grams of carbs more a day than what I was having in the summer I :

1. Have more energy

2. Am a heck of lot nicer person and no longer lash out at people because of the slight depression that came along with the restriction

3. TMI. I am regularly usign the bathroom again! Thank you fiber superpowers.

Then I came across the bodybuilders who eat 100’s of grams of protein a day therefore I thought ” Well i want to gain muscle so I must eat as much as them”. Let’s just say the body of a 20 year old 5 foot 4 female doesn’t require the same as a 30 year old 200lb male bodybuilder. At least in my case it didn’t work. I spent an abundance of money on supplements, protein powders and found an obsession with Questbars and guess what.. I didn’t gain anymore muscle than before I spent all of that money. I am not at a place nor do I have the resources to become a weight lifter so this wasn’t the diet for me.

I’m currently in a place where my body is reacting well to a variety of foods which I am gracious for considering the amount of food allergies being recognized today. I eat meat because I want to not because I see other people eating it, but for the sole purpose It makes my body happy. I love yogurt, cheese, milk so there’s no vegan in the future for this chick but that’s something I’ve finally come to terms with.

It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to be you.

It takes time, believe me I’m still trying to find that perfect balance but I know that if I keep trying new things and accepting my own needs that I will get there. Don’t give up just because you failed the first time. Pick yourself back up and give it a second, third or even twentieth try!


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